It’s not all about the ladies at the Coral Scottish Grand National Ladies Day! We are having a fantastic Best Dressed Gentleman’s Competition here at the racecourse on the day and there are some amazing prizes up for grabs!

Our lucky first prize winner will receive a Bespoke Jacket from ten30 and the lucky gent will even have some involvement in the design process from a set selection of fabrics and designs! Alongside this will also be a voucher for the amazing Taylor Ferguson salon in Glasgow!

The two runners up will each receive a pocket square from ten30 and a brilliant night out here at Ayr Racecourse enjoying the Upper Chancellor Dinner Package at the Ayrshire Magazine Noughties Racenight on Friday 22nd June for them and their plus one.

To enter simply upload a photograph of yourself here at the racecourse on the day using the hashtag #AYRBESTDRESSED our judges will then choose three lucky finalists and the overall winner will be revealed in the Parade Ring!

Alan Moore from ten30 has shared some fantastic tips for any Gents looking to win here on the day!

Smarten up
Treat a day at the races as you would a guest at a wedding; although for this occasion you can afford to be more daring without any danger of upstaging anyone (Brides & Grooms often have an issue when guests are too well dressed, horses don’t mind too much) Get yourself to the barbers and tidy up any wisps or whiskers, shave wherever necessary and remember to apply your favourite musk. If you’re not going for a completely new look at least invest in a new shirt; a cost effective way to give your look a crisp fresh sharpness.

Suit up
Even if you wear a suit Monday to Friday, the races are a chance to wear something that little bit special. If you’re buying something new or having something made, look around for style inspiration; look further than football pundits and do some research, tweed or wool? single or double-breasted? peaked or notched lapel? waistcoat or not, plain hemmed trousers or turn-ups? there is so much variation in menswear available, make the most of the day. A three piece is a classic outfit and a great opportunity to bring in another element to the look with a waistcoat, which can be made from a different colour or texture of fabric for a complimenting contrast.

Add feathers to your cap
A day at the races is a great opportunity to have some fun with your look by bringing colours, textures and patterns through in accessories. Start with a tie, look for something colourful, bold and interesting that perfectly complements your suit’s colour, pattern and material. Avoid skinny or short ties, buy the best material you can afford and stick to a classic four in hand knot. A pocket square is the epitome of sartorial peacockery a flash of colour and pattern that’s full depth and vividness is privy only to the wearer, until theatrically pulled from a top pocket to clean specs or mop a brow. Tie pins and collar bars, buttonholes and braces, hats, watches, spectacles and socks are all in the running for days like these, but remember not to overdo it, one stunning accessory can speak volumes over several poorer attempts.

Belts and braces
Waistcoats are meant to do just that; cover your waist. By waist I mean just below your navel, not your hips. Trousers should be won on your waist, not your hips and the waistcoat should cover that. Belts aren’t worn with waistcoats, they interrupt the impression of smooth clean waist lines that so few of us are blessed to possess. If you must keep your trousers up somehow, opt for braces under your waistcoat, these can be quirky or plain and give a very nice drape to trousers that a belt can’t achieve.

Please note you must be aged 18 or over to enter. Terms and conditions apply.